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Mini flood becomes the biggest biggerly flood, most tremendous flood ever.....

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Thanks to everyone who sent us their best wishes and concern. We are fine, albeit a little stunned by the event. When you see what is happening in the Richmond valley to our north, with people still being rescued from an unheard of level of rain, our little drama is insignificant. This blog was written over several days starting from the bottom so it is best to read from the bottom up.

The links below to jump to each day.

The Aftermath

Tuesday 1 Mar 2022 4pm Back to Top

We woke this morning to a drained valley covered in a layer of mud. Everything below a certain level is grey leaving a strange almost colourless world.

We walked across to the creek. A difficult task compared to normal as everything is coated in the slippery mud layer. Touching a branch leaves streaks of mud on you and your clothes.

The garden is a mess.

A walk to the creek is a slippery muddy mess.

The edge of the wetland

The force of the water running down the springs was extraordinary leaving a path of flattened reeds.

Finally to give you an indication as to how close the flood came here is the house showing a line where the water came to. We had about a half metre to go.

The ladder isn't for us to get on the roof! It just happened to be there

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Biggest Flood

Monday 28 Feb 2022 Back to top

The mini flood turned into one of the biggest floods ever.

This rain event has dropped 537.5mm so far.

We have never seen flooding on this level here. We never thought that the house would be in trouble with floods but here we are.


Monday 28 Feb 2022 4pm

We are sitting here looking out at the now receding water views and feel an enormous sense of relief. It is still raining but nothing like before, only 30mm since this morning.

Everything is still piled on tables and anything that can hold things above the ground. There is still the boxes and suitcases sitting ready to be thrown into the car. They will stay until the chance of flooding is gone.

Ours was a little trial. We are thinking of our many friends in Lismore. The city is devastated. So many people have lost so much.

There will be many tales from this event. This is just a little one.


Monday 28 Feb 2022 12pm - 14:30 - Peak Water Back to Top

You can start to see the drop in the water level and the garden re-emerge.


Monday 28 Feb 2022 11:30am

The rain has eased and we noticed that the flood level is beginning to drop.

A huge sigh of relief.

We decided to have some lunch and relaxed for the first time today.


Monday 28 Feb 2022 8am - 10am

We had 216mm in the last day. This is an extraordinary amount for one day but exasperated by an already wet ground. Everything that fell (a lot!) went straight to the streams.

As the morning moves on and we nervously watch our flood markers, we move everything up off the floor in the house and pack what we want to take with us if we have to evacuate. We have arranged to move up the hill to our wonderful neighbour's place if we have to.


Monday 28 Feb 2022 7:10am - Rising Flood Waters Back to Top

The flood is rising quickly.


Monday 28 Feb 2022 6:45am

First light view from the house looking over the water views.


Monday 28 Feb 2022 5am

The rain pounded down all night. I got up around 5am and tried to check the flood with a torch. It was filling the whole veggie garden. Thankfully metres down the hill. By the time it was slightly light it had already risen a lot more.


The Rain Comes Down

Sunday 27 Feb 2022 6:30pm Back to top

The wetland is rising faster now.

There is little movement in the water so it will back up quickly.

The rain continue to fall.


Sunday 27 February 2022 4pm

Now the rain is constant and getting heavier.

The wetland is beginning to rise again but the water still looks like it is moving. When the water is still it will begin to back up quickly.

We are expecting a lot of rain overnight and they are expecting major flooding in the Clarence valley in the days to come.

We have had another 40mm since this morning's reading.


Sunday 27 February 2022 10am

The rain was occasional and light through the night but from morning it increased gradually. We had a little over 60mm yesterday to 9am this morning.

The creek is still running high and everything is wet.

The creek is in full flow
The creek is in full flow

The ground is saturated and even with small showers the water is running across the ground.


Saturday 26 Feb 2022 2pm - Calm Day Back to Top

The rain continues on, somewhat reduced, and the mini flood has now receded but not before saving our favourite over 20 years old goanna from the flood. See The Rescue of Jac

As of 26 Feb 2022 at 9am, 231.5mm of rain has fallen.

We are now expecting further heavy rain on Sunday.


Mini flood recedes

Friday 25 Feb 2022 11am Back to top

The flood receded over night.

The wetland has receded but the water is still flowing
The wetland has receded

Since the rain stopped overnight the creeks receded and the wetland went down revealing mud and flattened plants.


24 Feb 2022 7:00pm

Floodwaters no longer rising.

The wetland is flooding
The wetland is flooding


Mini Flood

Thursday 24 Feb 2022 6:15pm Back to top

Vegetable garden under water.


Thursday 24 Feb 2022 6pm Water continues to rise.


Thursday 24 Feb 2022 4:50pm Back to top

The Rescue of Jac

While watching the water continue to rise in the wetland Terry noticed a familiar figure in the water. It was Jac our three legged goanna trying to make her way to shore. She is old and fairly blind so we were worried.

Jac has been using the ferns as a refuge but it is all under water. It became obvious that Jac was floundering and getting caught up in the vegetation in the flood waters.

Enter the hero wading into the water and using a stick to guide the poor goanna to higher ground.

Notice what's floating out in the wetland "No Crocs in the Clarence".

But just then ... Crack!

A tree falls right between Terry and Jac! Both are fine but that was close. There was no warning apart from the cracking sound.

Jac and hero are fine.


24 Feb 2022 3:30pm Rising water Back to Top

The wetland continues to rise as the creek and wetland merge into one relatively still mass of water, backing up from Whiteman Creek.

View of the wetland in flood
View of the wetland in flood


24 Feb 2022 3pm The constant heavy rain continued into the morning leaving 137.5mm in the gauge at nine. After 41mm yesterday it makes a total of almost 180mm in two days.

The rain eased a little into the morning giving us the opportunity to go for a walk to the creek.

Photos taken 10am

Photo taken 3:30pm

Wallabies above the flood
Wallabies above the flood

The wetland continues to rise.

We'll update this while the flood persists. More rain is predicted.

Wallaby relaxing as the flood rises
Wallaby relaxing

The beginning ...


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