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Although Istari was mainly cleared many years ago the removal of cattle has allowed a variety of habitats to develop. With the habitats comes a diversity of plants, fungi and mosses.  Many of these are remnants from the original flora or seeds distributed from the nearby national park.

Species have been set out in very general groups that most people will relate to rather than a scientific structure. 

Documentation is ongoing so the site will grow over time.

The forests are at a relatively early stage of their regeneration, having been cleared until the late 1970s.

Some lost species have been replanted.

Unfortunately there is a continued battle with exotic weeds introduced over the years of human habitation.

Controlling weeds is a major ongoing activity.

Plant List

A full list of plants found on Istari, Stockyard Creek, NSW, Australia.

What's flowering?

As the year progresses we'll bring you what is flowering at the moment.


Yellow tea tree in flower

What's the latest in Flora?

Flora Galleries

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs





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