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Acknowledgements Links and References

We are enthusiastic observers of our surrounding but not scientists. Thanks to those who have helped identify and understand a little of the species shown on this site, particularly Margaret Hodgson AOM for her insights into our native plants, particularly orchids.

You may find our sources, books and links, listed here helpful.

Mangroves to Mountains is a field guide book to plants in the SE corner of Queensland.  Check the website for further information on the book.

Many of the plants found there don't stop at the border and so this is a great reference for the NE corner of NSW also.

This is a great site with lots of information on native plants in the Toowoomba area, many are just as relevant here.

Australian Museum is an excellent site for Australia animals.

Field Guide to Australian Orchids

Book only - no website

Excellent guide to orchids identification.

Margaret Hodgson & Rolan Paine

Angus and Robertson Publishers

A Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers Volumes 1 & 2

Book only - no website

Margaret Hodgson & Roland Paine

Great for identification although these are older texts so the scientific names have been changed since publication.

This conservation area is in the lower Clarence. The website is a great place to get local information on our flora and fauna.

Oz Native Plants

Photos and fact sheets on Australian native plants.

Great web site for Australian birds.


PlantNet is the Royal Botanical Gardens website. Great for plant identification and distribution for NSW Australia.

A great snake website for this region. 

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