• Ian

Jack, Jill, Joey and winter friends

Updated: Feb 13

The winter came and went. Not too cold. Only a few frosts and they were light only getting down to around 0C. So different to last year but still a few frosty mornings.

Our winters are our driest months and this year was no exception, but more like a normal year. There has been a little rain. Enough to keep some moisture in the ground and the streams flowing, although only a trickle now.

There have been a few small fires, lit as hazard reductions, but no major fires. Everyone is still on edge over fires after last year. Although the fires last year were called the 'black summer' we have not forgotten that our fires started in July and didn't stop until December. A bit longer than a summer.

A pair of magpies are harassing the goannas that are now emerging on a regular basis after their winter snooze. We haven’t found their nest but we are sure it is somewhere nearby. They haven't swooped us fortunately but some of our chooks get a bit of a fright occasionally.

Our favoured duck, Mr Anderson, is here most days. He still has his a limp but it doesn't seem to be a problem. The other ducks still chase him away but he gets special attention from us and will turn up with the chooks and eat with them.