• Ian

Summer is here ...

Updated: Feb 14

Summer has arrived but thankfully the cicadas haven't started to 'sing' yet.

The crunchy grass is finally beginning to grow again after months of little rain. The wetland is still dry even though we've had several thunderstorms rumbling off the mountains to our west. The creeks are all flowing again but only just. We still need more rain. Summer is our rainy season so hopefully the storms will continue.

The animals must find this hard as there is still limited water around, especially with the wetlands still dry.

Our purple swamphens ( porphyrio porphyrio) have made their home up around the house and in our very depleted house 'dam', we call it a pond which is more appropriate as it isn't that big for out here but you wouldn't fit it in your average suburban back yard.

Purple swamphen

Our red-necked wallaby ( macropus rufogriseus) still appears here most mornings depending on the season. We called her Mos, Mother Of Sunflower. It is a long story but she was our first friendly macro-pod, mainly because her young joey was unafraid and would love to eat the sunflower seeds we fed our chooks.

Red-necked wallaby Mos with her young joey who we named Sunflower

He grew up long ago and was sent away by his mother to fend for himself. Mos has continued to include the house in her range and has produced a number of joeys since then, although we know that she has lost two of those.

We still have some of our regular ducks, the plumed whistling ducks (dendrocygna eytoni), turning up each morning. There has only been a few lately. Sometimes we get 40 plus birds here. They arrive in the morning and spend most of the day around the house often sleeping or grooming each other then leave just on dark.